the Body

Healing the Mind


Pamela C Allen is a Advanced Holistic Therapist (HMT) (CMT) That Custom tailor Body Therapy is her passion an well to do all she can to help you have a better u.

Why us?


Everything about healing comes down to one simple rule:

You must become who-you-really-are. That means to love, accept and be yourself, in all your beautiful human messiness, no matter what. You can’t contract your energy or dim your light Inner fear, or for anyone else. The biggest and best work of our lives is gently releasing anything - emotional baggage, beliefs, and patterns - getting in our way of that.

The more you come back to being unapologetically you, the better your life will feel. Your energy will flow, your body will be in full healing mode, and you’ll be on your way to miracles that will help establish credibility . Pamela C Allen